I am sorry I’ve been so quiet today. Last night I met a friend in my office (you know – Starbucks) and we talked shop for a few hours. He had a lot of great suggestions for me and I just ran with half of them this afternoon. I was working – but on the back end. My apologies about not getting more stories up today.

I had to post this picture though! It was part of my Mother’s Day present from Natalie and I CAN’T get over how old she said I was. 13! That seems like light years away for her. So sweet. πŸ™‚

I will have you know that as I type… I am wearing 2 Silly Bandz. So yes, I caved. But thankfully I got a lot of support from you guys! So that made it easier for me to accept.

Today was long. This is literally the third day in a row I thought was Friday! I woke up unable to accept it was Thursday. Kids are watching a TV program and I am trying to get through some emails. I’m calling it a night WAY early… like in an hour.

Until tomorrow. πŸ™‚

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