HaloAir Salt Rooms held their Grand Opening Party in NYC. The party was scheduled to be held on the rooftop and, although this didn’t happen because of the weather, it didn’t stop guests from enjoying the festivities while sipping on margaritas with, of course, salt.

(Video taken with VADO Pocket Camera)

This is the first salt therapy spa in the US and no, there was no table salt. The salt in the rooms are from Ukrainian salt mines, 300 meters below ground level. The salt rooms at HaloAir are controlled by special technology that grinds the salt and emits it in fine,even mists. The walls in the rooms are lined in salt and the floor is covered in dusty salt that looks like sand.


There’s a room with two lounge chairs for adults. You can enter with your clothes on, with a special covering for your shoes. You can sit and just chill with a magazine, or watch television. The chairs are super comfy.



The second room is for children. The video shows a bit more detail of the room. Decorated with kid friendly furniture, this room is big enough for a few kids to play in, while they reap the benefits of the salt. You’re probably wondering what those benefits are exactly. Well, the climate created in the salt rooms clear nasal airways and revitalize the skin. If you suffer from asthma, bronchitis, allergies (pretty much anything that affects your breathing), an hour in the salt rooms is said to help clear those passages. Its also said to be great for the common cold. It can also be useful for acne, cellulite, heart and vascular problems, depression, low stress resistance and even tobacco addictions. I’m excited to try it, since life in New York includes almost all of the above.

To find out more about the HaloAir Salt Rooms, go to The spa is located at 133 West 22nd. Street in NY.
Written by Tabitha

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