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VLOG: Let’s Get Our Closets Organzied {ADD YOUR LINK}

If you are like me – your closet is an absolute disaster. I’m talking full blown tornado destruction. It’s a surprise I can even FIND anything. But despite the chaos I seem to always come out alive and in one piece. This past year, I’ve decided to get organized!! {Remember my post about my shoes?} I think I’m old enough for some order and I have to stop living like a teenager. It’s not ok to have purses thrown all around the floor and clothes crumpled up in a ball and then stuffed into a drawer.

Today – I became an adult.

Here’s my quick video about how I plan to upgrade my situation. Each hanger ranged between $4.99 and $8.99.

Do you have any closet organization tips?  Would love to hear them!

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  1. The belts I have need a different access, or I would have to dump them all out to reach the one I want. I looked for a link, found none. But it was a tie hanger essentially, on a big wood hanger with lots of small studs to hang the ties, and a big hook on each end, for belts. I put belts on them all, and I have to lift one at most. It was less than ten bucks. For garments, I doubled my capacity on too tall bars by suspending a heavy duty hanging bar, like this… They were great for the kids too, because even my little one could now reach his stuff, and more importantly, hang it back up.
    For purses, I have two options, one over the door, one that hangs in a closet. Over the door holds up to 16 and in the hanger style closet one you can store 14. I like these solutions because they don’t eat inches of space, it uses top to bottom of an area, rather than a bulky ball at the top.
    Now, any suggestions for hats would be great. I have hatboxes for off season storage, but am looking for a way to store without crushing them.
    Enjoy your closet, they are great when you can find everything. It saves so much time, and makes you remember what you have so you don’t duplicate.

  2. oh! forgot my favorite, on a shoe shelf, up top, I put a lazy susan, and put all my perfumes on it! Works awesome, smells great, and doesn’t clutter my dresser anymore. Most fun install I did.

  3. You would die if you saw my closet – it’s practically empty now. I have been on a rampage getting rid of everything in my house I don’t use or need – not just clothes – everything. I’m obsessed with purging.

    I love that purse organizer, but I seriously use my purse until it nearly falls apart or a i break a strap and then i toss it and replace it. Most of my friends have TONS of purses, so I’m going to pass the video along. 🙂

    Vera, you look like you’ve lost some weight. You are always tiny but you look even teenier!

  4. I did lose weight CapturingLife! I lost 3 pounds and actually my thighs look a lot better. So I’m pretty happy. Still not totally ready for the flipping beach – but it’s MUCH better. I only gain in two areas so three pounds is a BIG deal for me. HUGE difference.

    Going to the gym about three times a week and trying not to drink caloric drinks (im a sucker for a snapple)

  5. @Diane-thanks for the purse tip! I have been searching for a way to store those-other than just throwing them around like Vera(LOL)! I also like the lazy susan idea-good tip!

  6. Thanks for posting, Vera. This evening I finally got around to filling up the shoe organizers I bought. It’s a nice feeling having less clutter on the closet floor!

  7. I got the most amazing jewelery storage solution for my anniversary. It is a cheval mirror, but it opens like a medicine cabinet, cheval/armoire. It is coming Friday, 10% coupon code and free shipping, hoot!

    If you have a bureau filled with jewelery boxes like me, and your husband feels like his bedroom is an adult Claire’s store, you might like this too. I cannot wait to have clean bureau tops.
    Now, about the pics, I am so shy!

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