I am NOT looking forward to potty training a BOY. Natalie was hard enough and now I have to deal with this extra… equipment. Oy Vey! But the time has come – Liam will be three this summer and Natalie was trained at 2.5. So, I thought we’d better get started.

No success as of yet. I’m just getting Liam used to sitting on his potty. We got him a CARS one so he is in his glory as that’s one of his favorite movies.


In other news, tomorrow… I’m going to TRAPEZE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it!? TD Bank is having an event to promote their “Checking Worth Flipping For” campaign and all the bloggers are going to do a little trapeze to celebrate the theme. I am SO excited about!!

Then I am meeting my best friend for dinner. There is a little time gap between the two functions, so I am going to be camping out at the Starbucks right across from her job. I guess if the weather’s nice enough I could hang out in the park… but if I was a betting woman, I’d say I’m gonna be on line waiting for my Black Tea Lemonade. LOL!


After dinner (restaurant still undetermined) we are heading to a preview of ‘Sex and the City 2’. Coty invited me and gave me a guest – so naturally I dragged Sylvia along. I almost want to go shopping for a new outfit – but I am restraining myself. LOL! So while today will be rather mundane – tomorrow is going to be AWESOME. I’m bringing my camera and hopefully will get someone to photograph me flying through the air. EEK!!!!

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