VLOG: Fashion Hauling Video – Summer Dresses

Comfort. Comfort. Comfort. I feel like a record that’s scratched. I can’t stop saying the same thing and I apologize for that. The last few videos I’ve done have all been about comfort wear for the summer. Hope you don’t mind, but that’s where my head is at the moment.

If you have any fashion hauling videos you’d like to share or links to summer dresses that you love online, add them to the above box. Would love to check them out!!


  1. From Europe

    Love the one with the black, horizontal stripes! The one you want to wear as an evening look. It would look amazing with a pair of killer heels.
    Just a quick question, do you keep all the clothes you buy or do you return some of them? If you keep all of the stuff you buy you must have an amazing wardrobe and I’m super jealous :)

  2. Vera

    I keep MOST of the clothes I buy

    I didn’t keep the bathing suits – they didn’t look good on me.

    Sex and the City was… alright.
    Going to do a quick write up right now

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  4. Leslie

    Yay, a Vera Video!!! I love when you do a video – girl, I feel like I’m getting a visit from a friend. :) Very cute choices, as always. And I gotta say you are rockin’ that haircut. Today it has the Heidi Klum vibe. Love it.

  5. CapturingLife

    Super cute! I am working my butt off to get some weight off – I’d love to wear that style but at the moment I would like a pregnant girl wearing a tent dress. LOL