This week is turning out to be pretty awesome. Last night, I attended a board meeting for this group I joined several years ago. My friends and I are now officially responsible for ‘Ladies Night’. We get to plan 4 events for the women in my neighborhood to enjoy over the next few months. We’re thinking wine tasting, karaoke, spa trips and psychics! LOL – still hashing things out, but it looks like we are going to have a lot of fun things planned.

Once the meeting was over, we all headed over to a local pizzeria and spent a few hours catching up. When I was younger, I hung out with my girlfriends all the time. Now that I am married with children, it seems these gatherings are less and less frequent. I really enjoyed just being out with the ladies. Hopefully, we will make it more of a habit.

Tonight, Bill and I are going out to eat together without the kids. I am actually scheduled to review a restaurant in a nearby town – so I will take lots of pictures and let you know what I think.


Then tomorrow I am meeting Chef Duff from ‘Ace of Cakes‘. He is coming out with a new line of pastry supplies and a bunch of bloggers are going to get to decorate some cakes with him. Hello!! My mother is just about having a heart attack. She loves him!

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