I can’t believe I am writing a post that has a picture of my toilet bowl as the main focus. LOL – you have to love blogging!

Have you heard of the ‘Little Looster‘? It’s a horseshoe shaped stool that surrounds the base of your toilet, creating a pedestal for children to be supported while they sit on the toilet… I mean the loo. We can all say goodbye to toilet seat inserts, diapers, stress, apprehension, accidents and the lack of space in our bathrooms. WOO HOO! Little Looster kids use their legs for support, alleviating that fear of falling in. Hands no longer need to grip the germ-ridden, inner rim which makes everyone happy in this house.

I’m potty training right now and this step is something that both kids are excited about. Natalie has an easier time getting on and Liam has more confidence using the big boy potty. Win – Win.

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