Jergens Natural Glow – Can I Really Be Seeing A Tan Already?


Call me crazy… but I just started to experiment with Jergens’ Natural Glow Moisturizer and I’m already seeing a difference. I was hanging out with my friend recently and she looked amazing! I asked her if she was spray tanning because I know a few people who are trying that out this season and she said she just uses Jergens.

I thought I’d give it a try and I really can see a difference in my color. I’m not saying I look like I have a MASSIVE tan, but I’m not see through anymore which is a SCORE in my book.

Where did all my blue veins go? LOL!! Have you tried Jergens Natural Glow before? What do you think?


  1. Tract

    I use almost everyday – I love it too! It does give just enough color… great product

  2. lizzys

    this is the stuff i told you about…..summer…..winter ….say goodbye to stockings:)

  3. Yolanda Holbein

    Holy cow. That Kourtney Kardashian is hot!. I love following her just because they’ve always got something goofy going on. Hope you keep publishing news about the Kardashians.

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