Ugh. I’ve gotten a ba-zillion facials in my lifetime. A ba-zillion! Never have I had someone talk to me about the wrinkles around my eyes. A few weeks ago I used a gift certificate I had to Nordstrom Spa and treated myself to a facial. That’s where the bomb dropped. The “You Really Need To Start Focusing On Your Eye Area” nuclear bomb. I was like… what?

When the facial was over, I got as close to my mirror as humanly possible and saw exactly what she was talking about… those damn fine lines… which is just a prettier way of saying wrinkles.

Nordstrom tried to get me to buy some of their products, but I didn’t have any money left on my gift card and knew that I had some left over at Red Door. In case you are new to this blog, spa certificates are the ONLY thing my husband buys me. I don’t ever want anything else – just facials and hot stone massages. It’s pretty easy for him! LOL!

I went to Elizabeth Arden and talked to the woman who was manning the cosmetics area and walked away with eye cream and another product that I just LOVE.

B Kamins Bio-Maple Lactic 10: It’s a ROLL ON that you apply prior to putting on moisturizer and it combats acne, redness and inflammation. The woman told me after one use I will see a difference. I snickered quietly thinking to myself that such a claim is impossible. Well, it’s not! My skin looks really GOOD right now!! I can literally see the difference and I’ve only been using it for a few days.

As far as their eye cream goes, I don’t really see a difference just yet, but I think it is more about preventing than it is removing what’s there. I will say that the cream adds a bit of shine to your eye area which opens things up a bit.

If you suffer from acne, consider using the B Kamins roll on. This post is absolutely not endorsed. No free samples were sent. This is me telling you what’s working on my skin.

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