I love my little princess, but lately she’s been falling to the floor in TEARS every time I leave the house. I can’t even go to the car to get something from the trunk without her having a meltdown. I’ve severely limited my travel into Manhattan and probably go about once a week for events. It’s not like I’m leaving her 5 days in a row… and her father is home with her when I am gone. There are no sitters. It’s just her parents or her grandparents.

I’m not sure how to handle this all, but it makes me so very sad to see her like this.

The other day, my mother slept over and we were playing outside with our bikes. I remembered there was this bubble machine at Stop and Shop that I wanted to get and grabbed my keys so I could buy it for some afternoon fun. Well, Natalie just about lost it! I kept saying, “Natalie I’m going to buy you a present. I will be back in 5 minutes.” She acted like I was never going to come back home.

Today I am heading into the city for something with Arnold Bread and she’s already sitting at the door blocking it so I can’t leave.

She’s just about 5 and I’m wondering if this is typical for her age. Liam does not react this way, but he is just 2. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

PS – that picture is from Natalie’s pre-k graduation. Oh my goodness! My daughter is going to start real school this September. Where did the time FLY?


We then took her to Benihanna (her favorite restaurant) to celebrate.

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