2010-06-16 22.22.52

Yes, I’m a suburban housewife and I am a member of a Bunko group. I’ve been playing for about 3 years and last night was the first time I actually walked away with real money. $80! For like a half a second it was $120, but then a tallying score was caught… I’ll take it either way.

Usually I have all types of drawings around my score card. Last night was quite tame. When I was in grammar school, my teachers used to tape up my desk with brown grocery bags so I could doodle. I don’t know what it is – but I am OBSESSED with making patterns, shapes, boxing and bordering things, etc. The teachers figured it would be easier than making me clean the desk each day. I would change it out once every few weeks and everyone was happy. FOR YEARS.

Some things never change. LOL!


Today is my little girl’s birthday! We have a really fun day planned for her. I’ll take lots of pics and post tomorrow.

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