LATB was invited to celebrate Barbie’s “Dolls of the World” 30th birthday. And what is a better place to celebrate Barbie’s diversity than at the Ellis Island!

It was an amazing experience as we took the ferry to Statue of Liberty, were greeted by musicians, and tasted foods from different cultures.



The Barbies looked spectacular in their native costumes. I especially loved that two American dolls were represented as Inuit and Native American. I tried to pick out my favorites, but it was so hard because all Barbies were glamorous in their own way. Go see it for yourself, the exhibit will run until August 15th.

We were also introduced to Barbie Landmark Collection, a brand new line celebrating the most iconic landmarks around the world. The current Landmark Collection consists of The Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, and Eiffel Tower Barbie Dolls. The dolls are available for a limited time only at the suggested retail price of $34.95 each.

Written by Victoria

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