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Thai Food With My Hubby – I Love Me Some Sticky Rice



What is it about the magic of sticky rice? I can inhale bowls and bowls of it. It’s my absolute favorite carb taste. I don’t have a very good Thai Food restaurant in my neck of the woods, so whenever I get into Manhattan I always search out for a good authentic spot.

Yesterday, we stumbled upon Kelley and Ping in an attempt to get out of the rain. So it was a happy accident. The food was OH SO GOOD. I had Lemongrass Chicken with Papaya Salad and Kimbap (beef roll with rice).

It got me thinking… HOW DO YOU MAKE STICKY RICE?

I found a few websites that have recipes for us to check out. Click here, here, and here for some variation.

I have pics of what Bill ordered under the cut. Click on the continue reading link below to check it out.




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  1. Hi Vera,
    You have to buy “sushi rice” from the store. It’s sticky 🙂

  2. Is it delicious?

  3. Vera Sweeney : June 24, 2010 at 7:48 am

    it is SO GOOD!! i promise.

    Sushi rice makes sticky rice? I seriously want to try it out

  4. OMG Vera! I love Kelley and Ping! Everytime I go to the city for lunch with my hubby he has to take me there! Awesome food!

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