Earlier this week I attended a Microsoft Preview and got a peek at some of the AMAZING things the company is launching this year. Business execs checked their brief cases and headed out to the dance floor… err… I mean play floor. The Kinect was set up all over the space and boy were people having fun!!

I should have been brave and tried it in front of the masses, but instead I quietly fist pumped in the corner following along with the group. (LOL!)

In case you didn’t read the original post I wrote about Project Natal, click here.  There is real magic in that box!


And I am actually going to be able to play it!! Check out this SUPER AWESOME GIFT – OH MY WORD!! I AM DYING. (Sorry I have to stop SCREAMING NOW!!!)


Also at the event was a preview of the new Windows Phone. I have a cousin just ITCHING to get his hands on one of those.  There were actually models to play around with… AND this display was actually functional. I checked it out and the user interface is SUPER cool. If you are in the market for a phone, be sure to check the Windows Phone when it become available. Think the Kin but better and grander.

Are you an XBox lover? Looking to check out Kinect when it comes out later this year?

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