The award-winning Bumbo Baby Seat provides a comfy place for baby to sit while still being supported! Superior in design, and useful for babies 3 months of age and up to 14 months of age as they learn to sit independently, this clever product requires no buckles, belts or straps! New moms and seasoned moms alike will tell you that the Bumbo Baby Seat is a must-have gift for any baby shower! This innovative seat helps ease your baby into sitting unassisted, and is great for both feedings and play time. It is extremely lightweight and can easily be tucked into the car or SUV for trips to Grandma’s or over to a friend’s house to play.

The Bumbo Baby Seat comes in 5 bright, cheerful colors, and is available at retailers nationwide, such as Target and Babies R’ Us. To learn more, or to order online, visit the website. You can also follow Bumbo Baby Seat on Facebook.

*Company sent a sample for this review.

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