Love Stories- A Wedding in 7 Minutes from The Panic Room Videos on Vimeo.

This is why I love Twitter. You meet people you otherwise would have NEVER had the opportunity to know and then you get to check out some of their favorite online finds. I can’t remember who had a link to Pacing the Panic Room, but the tweet was interesting enough for me to click and see what it was all about. I watched a water birth video and was in TEARS by the end. Then I attempted the wedding one that I added to this post and had to come back after lunch because my throat was clenching up.

What a gift. What an art. What a blessing to watch. I do not know these people in the short clips, but I am so happy for them. I feel joy for them and it makes me remember those magic moments in my own life.

Check out Pacing the Panic Room when you have a few minutes to spare and remember…

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