Holy Moly. {Editor’s note: that’s not what I really wanted to write}

Yesterday I had an appointment with a trainer at my gym to learn how to use all the machines and to figure out what weight I should be doing on each one. It’s part of my membership fee, so I decided to give it a shot. I’ve been focusing more on strength training as of late because… the treadmill is really boring.

I met my guy (who I’m a little in love with) and he showed me around and got me rolling in the circuit. I finished up, did 20 minutes of cardio and then headed home feeling good.

This morning I attempted to roll out of bed to start my day and could barely move. Oh. My. Word. My abs are IN SO MUCH PAIN. Apparently I have ZERO muscle in that area. Unbelievable!!

I love those people who say the pain feels good because it means you actually did something. Yeah… the pain stinks. Let’s stop this charade.

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