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Nothing Beats A Day At The Bronx Zoo



We have the family pass for the Bronx Zoo and BOY do we make use of it! I absolutely LOVE taking the kids there because it’s a great day out with a million things to do and see all in one park. You cannot beat the Bronx Zoo. Maybe I’m being biased considering I grew up going there… but still. 🙂

I brought a bunch of snacks and the kids went nuts checking out all the different animals. We have the membership that allows you to go on all the rides endlessly – so you really save a ton of money owning the pass. I think we paid about $160 bucks or so and that includes free parking passes and ride tickets (except the camel which I always thought was so odd) for your entire family plus one guest. If you go TWICE you make your money back.


The zoo added a new Dora the Explorer movie and Bill took the kids in a few times. I don’t do good with those type of films – so I hung out on the grass soaking in the sun. Lazy Friday afternoon.

We then went to Arthur Ave. for dinner. My husband heard of this amazing restaurant he just HAD to try out. That’s my husband for you! I totally forgot to take pictures which was a huge  mistake because everything we ate was divine.

After dessert, the kids fell fast asleep and Bill and I had the night to ourselves. What a great start to this holiday weekend.

What are your plans for today and tomorrow??

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  1. Which restaurant on Arthur Ave? I’m going there next week after a trip to the Bronx Zoo and have only eaten at Dominic’s over there.

  2. it’s Zero Otto Nove

    but you should go to robertos instead – because that is supposed to be the best one there.

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