Yesterday was probably one of the hardest days I’ve ever had to make it through. I mentioned last week about the personal situation a friend is going through and yesterday was the day we all faced the truth.

Today I woke up ready for something better and am just being plagued with issues at work. I haven’t left my computer since 7AM this morning and have been going nonstop fielding emails and having one conference call after the other regarding the Getting Gorgeous event I’m throwing this August with Audrey McClelland. It’s coming down to the wire and everything needs to be finalized. It was all very easy until this last week or so.

But even through these insanely stressful moments, I find myself remembering that whatever it is I am dealing with isn’t that bad compared to what other people are dealing with today. After all, being busy means good things are happening right? That means the business is doing great and my partner and I are succeeding.  That is the right way to look at it – despite that need I’m feeling to shut down and ignore the massive amount of emails that keep coming in.

My aunt told me a quote yesterday that I actually loved. I wish I remembered it word for word but it’s something like this:

The deeper and darker the cave the more appreciative we are of the light.

That one sentence speaks volumes to me. And while today is NOTHING but nonsense in the grand scheme of things, it does give me a nice perspective on negative events that have occurred in my life. Just wanted to share that quote with you all tell you that today is what you make of it.

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