Most nights I don’t have 3 hours to make my marinara sauce from scratch. Truthfully, as the children age, I find myself unable to fit it into the week’s hectic schedule.

So I go for the jar – and that’s ok because there are some really good ones out there to choose from. HOWEVER, I always love to add a personal touch to my dinner and this is how:


  • In a pan saute 4 cloves of garlic and a half an onion in olive oil, salt and pepper for a few moments until the onions are translucent.
  • Cut open a box of Pomi chopped tomatoes and add Italian seasoning
  • Cook for several minutes
  • THEN pour a third of one of your jarred Vodka sauces and cook until the pasta is done

This also makes those jars last longer – you can get 2-3 meals out of one depending on how much you want to use per meal. We all know how pricey they can be. $8 on sale? YIKES!!

But the best part of it all – the calorie count goes WAY DOWN this way. Jarred tomato sauce can be INSANELY high in fat… especially the good ones. LOL!

Pomi is soooo good you might not want to add the jar at all – and that works too. Have you ever tried their tomatoes before?

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