I HATE how quickly upgrades come out these days. I bought the Droid phone right when it released and then a few weeks later a better version was being promoted and that really upset me. I’m not the kind of person to just go out and get the newer style for the sake of it. I spent my hard earned money and now I’m going to stick with the product I bought – despite the fact that there is a newer version on the market.

The Kindle comes out and I spend some time doing research and comparing it to the Barnes and Nobles alternative and right when I’m about to make my decision – BAM! – here comes the Kindle DX.

How can we ever feel comfortable making a tech purchase these days? Remember when Playstation first came out and it took YEARS before Playstation 2 came out? That’s how it should still be! You can’t TELL me that Amazon just SUDDENLY came out with the technology for the DX! I mean – give me a break. It’s  all contrived. Carefully marketed and it’s flipping annoying. The SECOND you buy something it becomes obsolete. How is that fair to the consumer?

I don’t usually vent – but I was LITERALLY just about to purchase the Kindle this morning. When I went to Amazon to get it – I saw an ad for the Kindle DX and now I want none of them. If I end up getting the DX then a month from now the DXplus will hit the market and I will just have to throw something (probably my e-reader).

Guess I’ll be sticking to actual books for a while longer.

What’s your take on what’s going on in the technology sector these days?

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