The New Kindle DX Is Getting Me Angry


I HATE how quickly upgrades come out these days. I bought the Droid phone right when it released and then a few weeks later a better version was being promoted and that really upset me. I’m not the kind of person to just go out and get the newer style for the sake of it. I spent my hard earned money and now I’m going to stick with the product I bought – despite the fact that there is a newer version on the market.

The Kindle comes out and I spend some time doing research and comparing it to the Barnes and Nobles alternative and right when I’m about to make my decision – BAM! – here comes the Kindle DX.

How can we ever feel comfortable making a tech purchase these days? Remember when Playstation first came out and it took YEARS before Playstation 2 came out? That’s how it should still be! You can’t TELL me that Amazon just SUDDENLY came out with the technology for the DX! I mean – give me a break. It’s  all contrived. Carefully marketed and it’s flipping annoying. The SECOND you buy something it becomes obsolete. How is that fair to the consumer?

I don’t usually vent – but I was LITERALLY just about to purchase the Kindle this morning. When I went to Amazon to get it – I saw an ad for the Kindle DX and now I want none of them. If I end up getting the DX then a month from now the DXplus will hit the market and I will just have to throw something (probably my e-reader).

Guess I’ll be sticking to actual books for a while longer.

What’s your take on what’s going on in the technology sector these days?

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  1. I know. I agree. We bought my Mom a kindle for her birthday and then a few weeks later they dropped the price by $80! I am trying to not let it bug me. My Mom loves her kindle.

  2. Maybe this THINKING is wrong, not the technology. It’s not like they make the product, then put it in a box and ship it – it gets tested, tweaked, and gone through a whole bunch of marking stuff before it ever hits the market. That means that, while that product is going through this, they’re working on something better.

    The IDEA that you have to always have the newest, best thing coming out is insane, and of course you’ll never keep up with it. There will ALWAYS be something better coming out, but you absolutely don’t need it. Yeah, the Droid Incredible is better then the Droid, and the X is even better – but do you really have a NEED for more then what you have now? (Besides, that’s a horrible example – the Droid and Droid Incredible are made by two different people, so of course they’re not going to wait to release it)

    The Kindle has been out for a while. They’re going to update it, make something better. It’s the way technology is – there’s always going to be something improved coming out eventually.

  3. Don’t buy the DX -its way big. Just get the regular ole Kindle. 🙂 plus its much cheaper!

  4. Marie – good point. I agree w/you as well.

    I am really irked about movies. I had a huge VHS collection (and still do…I have no idea what to do with it). Of course, I started buying dvds when they came out. Now here is the blue ray. I refuse to buy it.

  5. I just purchased an e-reader two months ago (I went w/the Nook) a week after I bought it they offered a $50 gift card with purchase and the follwoing week the dropped the price DRAMATICALLY! I was pissed 🙁

    1. Where did you buy it?

      I bought a video game off of, and less than a week later, they dropped the price ten bucks. I sent them a message complaining, and they actually credited me with the difference. Some places will honor that sort of thing – just send someone an email and at least try.

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