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A Weekend Trip To The Dominican Republic Was Exactly What The Doctor Ordered

A few weeks ago, hubby and I decided to take an impromptu trip to the Caribbean. I wanted to try all inclusive and narrowed it down to the Dominican Republic.

It was the BEST trip I’ve ever been on in my LIFE and it was only 4 days long!! The minute we landed we headed straight to the beach, found a hut and slept for 3 hours blanketed by the warm breeze. We did no tours (which is something we are KNOWN FOR). We had no schedule. We just floated along from meal to meal and talked and relaxed and connected. It was so magical.

I have a MILLION PICTURES and a TON of video. Going to make a condensed version so you don’t spend 45 minutes watching my entire trip. Can’t wait to share the shots!!

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  1. What camera do you have? Or what did you do to get that effect on the photo! What a beautiful picture!!!!

  2. Look at two of you – lovely dovely:)))) 4 days of doing nothing but connecting looks good on you both!!:))) Can’t wait to see the rest of the photos!

  3. You guys look well rested and gorgeous (as always)! What a great pic! Vacations are like magic sometimes! Welcome back!

  4. What a really beautiful picture! You both look very relaxed. So happy you had an awesome trip πŸ™‚

  5. SO happy for you! You totally deserved this getawayy!

    We took our first vacation in February (Turks & Caicos). It was Heaven. Pure and utter heaven! You should be floating on a cloud for a couple of weeks ;).

  6. You guys look positively giddy. πŸ™‚

    And this may sound corny, but you have the nicest skin, I swear. LOL

  7. you look so relaxed, beautiful and truely happy. your skin could not be more flawless… i think there should be a make-up and skin care how-to and products used in the works… ;o)

  8. You look beautiful. I’m also wondering how you edited that photo. Will you please let us know?

  9. Uh oh….someone’s glowing!

    That sounds like a great vacation Vera! My cousin lived in the DR for seven years – he and his wife loved it there.

  10. Hey everyone!!
    The action on photoshop is called “Super Fun Happy” and it’s part of the TRA1 Demo set.

    I dont remember where I downloaded it – but it was FREE. Super easy to do!


    1. If you remember where you downloaded it can you pass it on please!! LOVE the picture you look beautiful!

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