Summer is well underway. Temperatures are high, the AC is even higher and your readers are ready to hit the road!

Whether piling in the car for a road trip or jetting off to a foreign land, TLC Family has tips to keep kids happy and parents sane on vacation this year.

  • Give Kids Options – Parents may be in charge, but a little liberty goes a long way, especially when toddlers are involved. Regardless of how old traveling companions are, it’s helpful to give them the option of visiting the zoo, the museum or the pool or the park.
  • Fly in the Morning – Kids can easily get upset and confused when their normal routine changes. To prevent tantrums, it’s best to fly in the morning because kids will feel better following a good night’s rest and earlier flights are less likely to be delayed.
  • Choose Liquids Wisely – Whether traveling by car, plane or train, water is the best drink of choice for several reasons: kids will stay hydrated, they won’t be hopped up on sugar from juice, and if they spill, the mess won’t be sticky.
  • Schedule Stops – No one enjoys being cooped up in a car for hours on end. Break up car rides by stopping every few hours to stretch legs and get some fresh air. Infants, especially, benefit from the breaks. When it’s time to eat, consider stopping for a picnic instead of trying to track down kid or baby-friendly restaurants.
  • Sing, Don’t Shout – To avoid yelling over kids when they’re feeling loud and rambunctious, consider singing or reading aloud. Singing works best for the car, where the whole family can join in. Reading aloud quietly together is a great way to pass the time on a plane.

Do you have any tips to share?

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