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VLOG: Day 1 Of Our Dominican Republic Trip

This film took over 2 hours to upload!! I don’t know WHY, but here is day 1.

When Bill starts singing “chill out party – woo” it’s because there was this group of girls who sang that line over and over again while we were waiting in the lobby. It stuck in our head and became the anthem of the trip.

Day 2 coming up tomorrow!!

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  1. What fun! I want to go on vacation! I can’t wait to see day 2! (PS; LOVE the black dress. Other than stepping in that puddle at the airport it looks like the perfect traveling outfit!)

  2. I LOVE the beach!!

    Okay, Dominican Goat? That is sooo sad. Aren’t goats gamey-tasting? Aww, and they’re so cute…

    Question – did you guys encounter the huge cockroaches? When my cousins lived there, these huge roaches would always find my cousin’s wife and freak her out. She’d be asleep and find one on her arm…another time at church, one was on her skirt. I have a roach PHOBIA, so I don’t think I could ever go there. I HOPE you guys did not encounter them.

  3. That was so much fun to watch! Looks like a great vacation. BTW, unsweetened black tea lemonade is my go to drink as well…too funny!

  4. no roaches – in FACT – no BUGS AT ALL. we were shocked. I couldn’t believe it considering how plush the island was.

    We went to costa rica last year and I had a really hard time with the amount of insects. this trip was total bliss!

    the dress was awesome – but too long for travel. lesson learned.

    the goat i did not try – but bill ate the whole thing, so it must have been good. YUCK!!!!

    BTL’s are my drug of choice.

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