Bare Escentuals have some fun new products for us makeup junkies. With new rich eyeliners, glossy lip plumpers and highly pigmented eye shadows. you can pick the look that’s right for you, this summer. Bare Escentuals is all about makeup that can make you feel good about your skin and love the way you look. We all know that makeup isn’t going to bring about world peace but Bare Escentuals knows that it can help you feel better about the skin you’re living in, every day.
One of the Bare Escentuals brands is Bare Minerals. This line is 100% natural and aims to help you look better without looking like you’re wearing a pound of makeup. A must-have for this summer is their Big & Bright Eyeliner. This eyeliner is different, in that it helps make the whites of your eyes look brighter. It contains botanical extracts and antioxidants and absolutely no preservatives. What I love about this eyeliner is the packaging. One side is the eyeliner and the other side is a sharpener AND a blending sponge that’s small enough to use on targeted areas. If you’re like me and have tons of makeup products and tools then I’m sure you’re always searching through your stash for the right tool to use. This makes it super easy. The Big & Bright Eyeliner comes in a variety of shades, like Plum, Chocolate and Charcoal, to name a few.

Another one of Bare Escentuals’ brands is Buxom. My absolute favorite product from Buxom is their Plumping Lip Polish. I usually find that plumping lip glosses tend to get very gooey on the lips and can get uncomfortable, especially when its hot outside. That is so not the case with this lip polish. Firstly, you can only apply a little to gain the benefits. I love the tingly feeling (Don’t worry. Its not too intense!) as it gives the lips a healthy plump. The colors are also flattering to most skin tones. I wore this lip polish in Sarina when I went on vacation and ended up neglecting all my other lip colors for this one. I so love it!

Buxom also has a Stay-There EyeShadow in rich, highly pigmented colors. They’re super blendable and are perfect for layering with other colors. 93% of the women who tried this out said that it didn’t smudge. Its also waterproof so cry away! You can apply this eye shadow with your finger tips or with Buxom’s sexy silver eye shadow brush. This eye shadow comes in tons of colors, like purple, beige, bright blue, grey and olive.
All of Bare Escentuals products can be found at You can also find Buxom products at your favorite Sephora store.

Written by Tabitha

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