I always tell my husband that if I didn’t settle down with him and have children, I would have spent my life back packing around the world and working at local restaurants to make the money I needed to purchase my next train ticket. I think it and I do it. At least that’s how I was before kids. It’s a lot different these days – but I guess that comes with the territory.

However, every now and then I fall back into my manic state. Someone said the word MAC to me yesterday and I bought one. It was like,  “I’ll have a MAC and cheese” and then BOOM – I’m waiting in line at the Apple store.

LOL – ok maybe it was more like my writer from INO is staying with me for a few days and I had a long conversation with her about her MAC. THEN I went out to get one – but still – same impulse.

So now I am the happy owner of an iMAC and I spent about 4 hours uploading every single video and photo file I had from three of my computers onto this Apple product. Yes, I have 3 computers. Yes, I have an issue. I never throw them out even the one from college. There might be good stuff on there!!!

I am REALLY going to take advantage of their photo and video editing software. I’m starting to get interested in all that.  I won’t be able to start really fooling around until 2 weeks from now, but tonight I’m going to get a few lessons from Kyle and her husband and BOY am I ready!

Are you a mac owner?? I still plan on working off my PC for INO and LATB. Everyone tells me that I’m going to make the complete switch over soon enough.

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