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I Am Insanely Impulsive

I always tell my husband that if I didn’t settle down with him and have children, I would have spent my life back packing around the world and working at local restaurants to make the money I needed to purchase my next train ticket. I think it and I do it. At least that’s how I was before kids. It’s a lot different these days – but I guess that comes with the territory.

However, every now and then I fall back into my manic state. Someone said the word MAC to me yesterday and I bought one. It was like,  “I’ll have a MAC and cheese” and then BOOM – I’m waiting in line at the Apple store.

LOL – ok maybe it was more like my writer from INO is staying with me for a few days and I had a long conversation with her about her MAC. THEN I went out to get one – but still – same impulse.

So now I am the happy owner of an iMAC and I spent about 4 hours uploading every single video and photo file I had from three of my computers onto this Apple product. Yes, I have 3 computers. Yes, I have an issue. I never throw them out even the one from college. There might be good stuff on there!!!

I am REALLY going to take advantage of their photo and video editing software. I’m starting to get interested in all that.  I won’t be able to start really fooling around until 2 weeks from now, but tonight I’m going to get a few lessons from Kyle and her husband and BOY am I ready!

Are you a mac owner?? I still plan on working off my PC for INO and LATB. Everyone tells me that I’m going to make the complete switch over soon enough.

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  1. I have a Macbook— LOVE IT. My hubby got his 1st, at first I thought it was wierd and completely different from the Windows based products I was used to. That quickly changed and I fell in love with his Mac. So much so that he had to go out and by my own. They say once you go MAC you don’t go back… 🙂 So true. They are sooo much easier to use and had the best built in security you can have!

  2. I just switched over from a MacBook to an iMac, they are the greatest thing in the world! You will want to make the full switch soon because of the way everything works on the iMac, so much smoother and easier. Congratulations on your new purchase! 😀

  3. I agree – you will make the switch. ;)We used macs a ton when I was in college for my IT degree and they were fabulous!! One of these days I will save my pennies and splurge.

    I am the SAME way with my old computers. I finally got rid of 2 old ones but I kept the hard drives so I can just pop them in an enclosure and use them whenever I need them. One of these days I will get around to compiling everything on my stoarge drive. LOL

  4. Omg Vera, I was just thinking yesterday “My PC is terrible, I should get a MAC” and spent about an hour researching Macbooks online. They’re so expensive, but now that my mind is set on it, I have to have it!!!

  5. I love my mac’s. I have an iMac and when it was time for a laptop I splurged for the macBook. Congrats on joining the MAC team Vera!!! <3

  6. I’ve had a macbook for 4yrs and I would never go back. I LOVE IT!! Never had a virus and doesn’t get pop-ups (except for Netflix that pop-up can get through anything)Once you learn the software I find it much more user friendly also makes uploading things to and from my iPhone super easy!

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