I subscribe to HARO and while I typically don’t open up the emails on a daily basis, I do occasionally glance at the headers when I have a moment.

This led me to learn about ‘Gozaic‘.

It’s a free interactive online community and it’s the only central place where people can find comprehensive information about cultural and heritage destinations – it’s also part of the National Trust for Historic  Preservation.

I checked it out and it’s definitely worth looking at before your next vacation.  It’s user driven and is search-able via profile. So, let’s say you really dig someone’s travel style. All you have to do is click on their profile to see all of their other city tips. What a great way to get advice from the general public without it feeling like a paid sponsorship.

Click here to check it out.

See something you like? Save it to your profile.

Feel like booking a tour? Yes, you can do that too!

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