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VLOG: Your Questions Answered

WE did it! Bill ACTUALLY agreed to sit down and do a few of these videos with me. Woot! Woot! I just took the questions that were on the original post and split the content into two separate videos.

The second half will go live tomorrow – so stay tuned. The kids get in on the action and turn everything upside down. As only they can… LOL!

If you have any questions you want to ask, be sure to leave your comment on this post. I will consolidate and do a new video next week. Maybe we can try to do this every Monday or something. As long as there is enough to answer.

Thanks to everyone who commented!!

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  1. Hi…Could you PLEASE tell me the name of the resort you both stayed at while in the Dominican Republic. It looked amazing and relaxing and I would love to book a babymoon there. Please…Pretty please!!!



  2. Thats easy – it’s Paradisus Punta Cana

    but if you go to the website there is a SECOND hotel that is under the same brand and EVERYONE said it was better. It’s a tad bit more – but people were going CRAZY over it. Even the workers. SO I would say to stay there!!!

  3. You guys are so awesome!! You are just the cutest couple, and Bill is so funny, I love his expressions! Please do more of these videos, they are great. I have a question: What would you do if you won 1 million dollars?

  4. Hi Vera! I’ve been a big fan of INO for a few years and now really enjoy LATB too! Love when you do vlogs! You and your hubs are too cute! I came up with 4 questions. If you have time LOL!

    – What is your all-time favorite movie? Bill’s?
    – Do you guys want to have any more children? Don’t answer if it’s too personal, your kids are just so cute!!
    – Do you make a lot of money from LATB, or mainly from INO? Again, hope it’s not too personal, just curious.
    – Do you think you’ll need to hire writers anytime soon LOL? I just became a SAHM, love celebrity gossip, love to write, need something to do during naptime. =)

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this new Q&A! I’ve been a fan for a couple years now ever since I stumbled onto INO. Question: How did you get started with blogging….like whats the history of how your sites got started and how you turned it into the family biz?


  6. I’ve been reading both INO and LATB for ever now and was just wondering how you got started. Was it just for fun or was it actually a business idea?

    And how did you get your kids to drink their milk out of a beaker?! I’ve been very unsuccesful!

  7. How do you like your new phone as opposed to your old Blackberry you used to have?

    I’m obsessed with my Blackberry, but it’s interesting to hear a former Blackberry user switch over and love a new phone, so I’m thinking about one day switching. Should I?

  8. You guys are soo cute, i’ve been following for a long timee now, your categories are so relevant to what i find we look for info on and find trouble in a google search. I’m looking for ways to make my life easier as a busy woman, any suggestions? i’ll post if i find the answer!

    if anyone’s got ideas MAIL ME:

    THANKS! <3

  9. Like a lot of these other readers, I too have been a long time reader of both INO and LATB. I would like to know how many years you’ve been blogging for and when was your “A-HA” moment you realized this was more than an a hobby and you had turned it into a full time business?

  10. ok guys, i’ve got few for you.
    First of all though i want to join the army of lover of this blog and, can’t even remember when i started to come to this blog and this might not be believable, but i no longer visit any other celebrity sites, you’re the best.
    Back to my questions:

    1. This probably have not much to do with actual blogging, but you seems so hands on with your kids, i’d love to hear how you deal with tantrums, we get those a loooot and it’s hard to keep it cool.

    2. Who’s a bad cop and who’s good one ?:-))) in our family – mommy is the bad one:-)

    3. If you could switch your job to something else , anything what kind of job that would be?

    have lots more, but will keep it as short as i can for now :)))
    Keep up the good work!!!

  11. Bill really should’ve mentioned that aside from the fact that he was exercising, he was doing so on the treadmill from hell. I really think that had to have made a huge difference.

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