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VLOG: Your Questions Answered


Here is the second part of yesterday’s question session. If you have any questions you want answered for next week, please let a comment on this post or the original one.

AND apologies to Bill for cutting his head off – OH MY GOODNESS!! I didn’t realize it would cut off his head. EEK!

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  1. Yeah! You answered my question 😀 Your blog is my favourite of all of them, I read every single day and even if you have no balance, I still think you’re doing an amazing job 😀

  2. Like a lot of these other readers, I too have been a long time reader of both INO and LATB. I would like to know how many years you’ve been blogging for and when was your “A-HA” moment you realized this was more than an a hobby and you had turned it into a full time business?

  3. I love reading your blogs! I was just in Long Island visiting friends in Patchogue and we went to the same Aquarium you did ( a day later)! I thought it was funny when I saw that blog. Anyways, I love fashion and you turned me on to Ideeli, so I guess my question is…if you had to choose 3 stores to shop at for the next 5 years which would they be?

    apologies if someone has already asked this question.



  4. OMG, Bill is a superstar in these videos. Hilarious.

    My question is…who’s your Bennihana? 😛

    Just kidding.

    Love these, keep ’em coming!

  5. You guys are a riot!! keep it up, u have us hooked! Vera, were u drinking out of a measuring cup? LOL!! Dishwasher day?
    Do you ever think of visiting Lebanon, Dubai or somewhere in that region?

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