I gave birth with Audrey McClelland this weekend to ‘Getting Gorgeous’. LOL! Well, at least it feels like it.  It was 6 months in the making but the hard work and dedication paid off because everyone we spoke to said they had a wonderful time. That’s exactly what my partner and I were hoping for.

As moms, it’s so easy to forget about ourselves. I actually get my highlights done when one of my children start to ask me why my hair is two different colors and why the cut off starts around my ears. Yes – motherhood is the absolute best job in the world, but sometimes it’s nice to put ourselves back on the list.

Audrey and I invited 350 women bloggers for a day of pampering and brand conversation. We carefully selected 12 sponsors that we felt spoke directly to our group and BOY DID WE ALL HAVE FUN! You can see the excitement and joy in these shots! The energy was amazing and the sponsors were so informative.

Here’s a break down of who came:

Hanes: No more cup sizes! The ComfortFlex Fit Bra provides the comfort and flexibility of a higher priced competitor for a reasonable price. {Editor’s note: I wore mine on Saturday and LOVED it.}

Miraclebody: Want to know how to look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds? Celebrity stylist Robert Verdi was on hand to help the attendees figure out their right fit. Mine was actually a size LESS than what I normally wear which means they officially have a new loyal customer!! LOL!

Kmart Design: Looking for affordable fashion that’s on trend? The team showed off their top 5 Fall Fashion looks for under $50. Military is IN LADIES! I’m actually going to do a video about some of their pieces over the next few weeks. You are going to F-L-I-P when you see some of their line.

Tide: Who needs to iron or worry about stains / odor on clothing when there’s Swash? The team showed how easy it can be to tackle your everyday needs in the laundry department. Very, very excited about this one!

Lia Sophia: It’s all about the accessories and no one beats Lia Sophia in this department. Bloggers were able to pick one of four items from the brand and were shown how easy it can be to spruce up a look with a piece of jewelry.

Skechers: Expert trainer Andrea Metcalf was on hand to talk about the benefits of ‘Shape-Ups’. Did I mention how fashionable they look? Dozens of bloggers went on a morning walk from their NYC store to the ‘Getting Gorgeous’ event.

Shopafrolic: Designers Liz Lange and Erica Wagman showed the attendees their favorite fashion picks and their fab new site ‘Shopafrolic’. Ever wanted a designer to show you her favorite finds? Now you can get a new pick everyday of the week.

Remington: Celebrity stylist Richard Marin and his team primped and pampered the Getting Gorgeous attendees using the new Remington Pearl line. Their curlers, blow dryers, wet-to-dry flat iron and curling wand were the must-see-tools of the day.

Sarah Potempa: Her hands are responsible for some of Hollywood’s most famous looks. Sarah offered one-on-one advice to the bloggers and gave them quick and easy solutions for Fall’s upcoming hair trends.

E.L.F. Makeup: Who needs a makeover? The women were professionally done over and taught how to do the perfect smokey eye. Affordable makeup that is professional grade – what a hit!

Powermat: Ever lose your phone charger? Are you sick of all the wires? Powermat offers a clean and easy way for you to charge up iPods, iPhones, Nintendo DS machines, Blackberries and more.

Kodak: Women were allowed to bring their memory cards and create gorgeous photos using Kodak’s on-site Kiosk. They also learned about their new line of inkjet printers.

Photography by Mishelle LaneEric Thomas and Moosh In Indy!

Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who came out to support ‘Getting Gorgeous’. Audrey and I hope to do many more of these events throughout the year!

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