I have completely overdone it this summer when it comes to the sun! My 5 year old looked at me this morning and said “Mom! Your face is so tan!” Ugh! I’m usually so good about taking care of my face, ALWAYS wear a hat and sunscreen when I’m in the sun…BUT…this summer I’ve been outside almost daily and my hats are buried in my closet somewhere and my face is now WAY too tan! When I was a teenager, I LOVED a tan face…but now I realize what I’m doing to myself and I’m just not happy about it.

I got home from a weekend camping at the beach and was so happy to relax and use the Elizabeth Grant Collagen Face pads! AHHHHH!!! It was like escaping to a spa for 30 minutes in my own home! It felt so good on my sunburned face! The face and eye pads come individually packed so they are perfect for travel. I would use these everyday if my kids would actually let me have 30 minutes to myself! Haha! These would also be perfect for cold winter days when your skin gets dry!

For more info and to see their entire line of products check out www.elizabethgrant.com

*company sent sample for review

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