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Yup. That’s me getting a massage at Social Lux Lounge over the weekend during the BlogHer conference.  These parties are crazy. You walk in expecting just a drink ticket and then there’s a million and one things to do. I ran right over to Aveda because I knew my shoulders needed a good rubbing.

In other news, doesn’t my hair look RED? That better be lighting and not what’s really going on with the back of my head. LOL!

(Victoria – veepveep)

(Audrey – Mom Generations)

(Colleen – Classy Mommy and Whitney – Mommies With Style)

One of the reasons why I LOVE to blog is I’m constantly given the opportunity to get together with my friends. It could be weeks before I see Colleen, Whitney or Victoria… but when we do meet up it’s like no time has passed.

There was a moment when Whitney wanted to run around to see a few people at the party and she asked if she could leave her bag with me. I naturally said yes and placed it in safe storage. For a split second I thought about how crazy it was that we trust each other completely without really having much of a history together. I mean – after all – her bag had her wallet, her phone… her LIFE in it. I could have easily gone through it, but she knew that I wouldn’t.

It’s that blogger trust. I’ve met Whitney maybe 4 or 5 times and I actually consider her a good friend. It’s almost like our shared experiences bond bloggers quicker than a normal relationship. This goes for Colleen and Victoria as well. We can go months without seeing one another, but as soon as we do we are laughing and having the best time EVER.

And don’t get me started on Audrey… I can’t even go there without getting emotional. I’m so very lucky to have met her.

I don’t know why this Whitney instance is sticking out in my head, but the point I’m trying to make is these mommy bloggers are all good eggs. Every single one of them. We all have children. We all have multiple businesses that we work very hard on. We all are looking for connection and luckily we all found one another.

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  1. Love this post….and I totally agree. You know I loved you since the day we first met. The instant digital bond. Although the egg analogy is cracking me up…… But i do agree, you, Whitney, and Audrey are all good eggs. I heart you all and trust you completely. xoxo

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