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VLOG: Ever Have A Nightmare You Couldn’t Shake?

It’s been nearly a week since I had the dream I VLOGGED about and I still can’t shake it! My heart begins to race every time I get near my car.

When I tell you I felt the hands on my body, I FELT THE HANDS ON MY BODY. At about 4AM I flipped my husband over in bed and hid under him until it was early enough to get to a Starbucks.

Have you ever had a dream that scared the you know what out of you? How long did it take for you to let it go?

* This was filmed last night – that’s why we are talking about slumber parties.

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  1. Hey Vera – I love these vlogs and your site. Was curious if you’d ever do a vlog or blog post about your pregnancies? I remember you said in the past that they were tough (bed rest etc.) and I’m in the same boat and check out you site ALL the time while I’m laying here in between all the puking… 🙂
    Anyway may be too personal to share but I’d bet a lot of us are going through the same thing and coming to your site for a nice break from feeling like crap and being totally bored…

  2. I have a recurring dream where I’m driving through the country and all of a sudden there are tornadoes everywhere. I pull over, jump out of my car, and start running toward a farm house as debris is flying all around me. The house has an outside cellar but the family is already inside so I pound on the door for them to let me in. They pull me down into the cellar just as the tornado is passing overhead. Then I wake up. I just moved out to the country in Wisconsin and have a 1 hour commute from the city to get home. We’ve had an unusually stormy summer and every time the skies look eerie, my pulse quickens as I search the horizon for twisters and keep an eye on what farm house I would run to in case I do spot a tornado.

  3. Vera, that dream sounds terrifying! I always flick the light on and check my back seat if I’m driving at night.. I have a vivid imagination. By the way, I love the way you guys say dog! I like your accents. I’m English so it stands out to me!

  4. It sounds like you experienced a Hag dream. They are so terrifying and real and I dont care what anyone says the Hag exists!

  5. I’ve had three. One of them I had was almost 5 years ago and I still think about it all the time. The other two were within the last year and I get sweaty just thinking about them. They were TRAUMATIC. And now when I walk down this corridor at a place that I frequent, I have a full on panic attack because it’s like a deja vu feeling from the dream. It’s so freaky.

    I hope you are able to shake it and not feel so anxious about getting n the car. But I agree with Erica, you should be checking your backseat all the time.

  6. I believe that dreams and nightmares are just a way of our brain processing all the sensory input it received during the day. Vera, you may have seen a report on the news or an ad for a scary movie (and you actually WATCH scary movies, right?) and all this was was your brain sorting it out. Erica is right that everyone should check inside their car before going into it…this is just your subconscious mind telling you to be more alert.

    Okay, Dr. Leslie is over and out. LOL!

    1. True, a few weeks after the US invaded Iraq, I started having dreams about running around in Bagdad with people shooting at me. I woke up actually feeling the bullet wounds.

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