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VLOG: Quick And Easy Makeup Tip

While I was being interviewed during ‘Getting Gorgeous’ Kelly complimented me on my eye makeup. I told her I would run back and teach her how to do it and then my head fell off and I completely forgot.

So, instead I decided to do a video on how to do a quick cat’s eye… in the car. This is normally where I do my makeup. While my children are buckling themselves into the car – I’m zipping through my makeup bag looking for my eyeliner.

Straight out of the shower – please excuse my look. Here you go Kelly!!!

Do you have any makeup quick tips? Share them here.

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  1. Thanks Vera, this looks really easy.
    :-))) I think i missed the train with all make-up training, never wore it , never learned to do it properly. If i try eye liner, my husband says: “how much?” :-))

  2. Is is weird how you put on mascara? I blink while I put it on also. I thought that was how everyone did it. lol

    Thanks for the vlog. I love seeing how people do this.

  3. It looks great!! I definitely need all the help I can get applying makeup!
    And you don’t look like a lobster at all!!

    Oh ya, I absolutely love that little thing you have for your towels behind you! Very cute! I have a feeling I am going to be searching the internet all day for something like that.

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