Avon Tours The Country Giving Free Blow Outs To Women

The Avon hair team has been touring the country, telling women everywhere about the new Lotus Shield Frizz Control. The team includes Tippi Shorter, a celebrity stylist who works with Alicia Keys, Fantasia, Rihanna and Michelle Williams, to name a few. Tippi has been working with hair for over 15 years. They have been traveling in the CosmoBus, which is a bus with glass walls and a mini hair salon, complete with a sink, running water and electricity. Don’t ask me how they got running water on a bus. The team made their last stop in NYC this week and parked at Union Square to give free blowouts to women and show them how the Lotus Shield works.

When I arrived, it was past 8pm at night and the ladies were still rearing to go. While I chatted with Tippi about the tour, Andrea blew my hair out. See the video for her thoughts on the Lotus Shield. The Lotus Shield was applied after it was washed. See the before and after pictures. I couldn’t believe that the product could actually tame my frizz.

Interesting tidbit about Tippi: She recently returned from the south of France, where she did Alicia Keys’ hair for her wedding. They went with a big, sleek bun at the lower back of her head, accented by a jewel-encrusted hair piece.

Ask your Avon representative about Lotus Shield, or go to www.avon.com.

Written by Tabitha

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  1. Tabitha is so gorgeous, it kills me. Love how her hair turned out! 🙂 I bought a bottle of this a few weeks ago, but haven’t tried it yet. I really wish I could find a good straightener with fewer chemicals in it.

    Those Brazilian blow outs totally freak me out since I read a science article about the keratin products having formaldehyde (carcinogen), so as much as I’d love to get one, I’m too chicken.

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