OK – there are some major things going on with I’m Not Obsessed and McAfee this morning. Basically, one of my error pages was tagged incorrectly or cached or I DON’T KNOW and they BLOCKED the site from all of their users. You know – the millions and millions of people that have McAfee as their software security.

So – Bill has been going nuts trying to sort that through and I’m throwing up in my mouth because my traffic is dropping like CR-AZY because no one can access the site.

On top of that BILL BOUGHT A NEW WEBSITE THAT WE ARE TRYING TO GET GOING. I mean – less work? Wasn’t that my intention? What happened to the 4 Hour Work Week? I was slowly getting there. Moving in the right direction. Now, I’m spiraling out of control waiting for the next bomb to drop.

Have to eat lunch. Have to take a deep breath. Have to hope that this McAfee thing gets resolved and SOON. Gossip readers are fickle and all I need is for people to start thinking my site is untrustworthy. Oy vey…

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