My local supermarket delivers if you order $50 or more worth of product. Two nights ago (in the middle of the STORM that is my life this week) I realized that I had ZERO food.  I mean, if I absolutely needed to I could mix together olives, tomato sauce, tuna and some peanut butter… but no one would eat it.

I’m talking milk for the kids, waffles for me, MEAT, VEGETABLES. The good stuff! It was about 7:30PM and I didn’t have the energy to make it out and do what I so desperately needed to do.

Then I remembered that they deliver. Well, why the HECK NOT!? I called up and put together a $50 order (in a nano second) and 1 hour later everything was waiting for me at my front door.

Why don’t I do this more often? 6 months ago I switched to doing dry cleaning pickup which is also a free service. People made fun of me when they heard I got my delicates delivered – but WHY NOT? It’s not like I’m paying more. It’s not like I’m being lazy. I’m just being smart with my time. I rather use the hour I saved with my children or stressing over the McAfee disaster that’s happening over at INO. Time is the most important thing we have – don’t waste it.

Do you take advantage of your town’s services?

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