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Send Them Soup!! A New Way To Show You Care – Foodie Style


Have a child that’s heading off to college? A friend whose been sick? A parent whose too tired to make home-cooked meals these days? Check out Spoonful of Comfort! This website will ship off a 64oz jar of chicken soup to your loved one with the click on a mouse.

In THEORY, we should be making the soup and shipping it out ourselves… but life happens and that becomes easier said than done.

This is one website I’m going to keep in my back pocket.

Loving the back story as well. After learning that her mother had been diagnosed with advance stage lung cancer, Spoonful of Comfort founder Marti Wymer was compelled to “do something” to show her mother support and love, and felt that sending a card or flowers wouldn’t suffice.  She was reminded of the chicken soup her mother used to make her whenever she was feeling ill or sad, and the idea for Spoonful of Comfort was born.

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  1. if you like this, you should check out grandmas chicken soup . . they send tons of gifts with the soup and the soup is delish . . i have ordered it myself

  2. This is a neat idea – I love the reason behind the company. What a great way to let loved ones know you’re thinking of them!

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