If only ring around the collar was the one type of stain I had to deal with these days. Check out this Wisk commercial from the 1970s.

Didn’t it all look so simple then? Oh and PS – I have NEVER scrubbed out anything with a toothbrush. It just isn’t worth the effort!! LOL!

Today, Wisk has great news – they’ve come out with a new technology that I am EAGER to learn about. Their stain spectrum targets mishaps at a molecular level. It’s science baby!!

In my house that means the grass, marker, paint, food, juice, and dirt stains better watch out. I have two kids that LOVE TO DIG… and it only takes them a second to get their hands on a shovel and go at it. I could sneeze and half my lawn will be all over Liam’s hair. Tis the way of my world.

And while my children are (thankfully) beyond… the poop stains, I imagine that this stain technology will combat those issues with ease. Can’t wait to try it out!

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