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Wow – Priceline Really Does Work

Remember many moons ago when everyone was raging about Priceline? We were all betting and staying at hotels for a significant discount. I’d say it was around 2002ish.

10 years later and boy things have changed! With Orbitz, Kayak, Expedia etc  – the auction site was somehow forgotten.

The other day a friend told me that she used Priceline to book a car rental recently and got a significant discount. She said you just have to be patient and give yourself enough time to keep resubmitting your offer until someone accepts it. You see, you can only bid once every 24 hours. The plan is to start REALLY low and then gradually go up day by day until you reach your limit.

Well, Bill and I are going away soon and were in need of a car. We found one for about $550 and thought… WHY NOT? We have enough time to play the game! Let’s give Priceline a go.

Bill just walked in and told me we saved $250!!!! FOR THE SAME TYPE OF CAR. I am bugging out! How insane – why on EARTH have I NOT been doing this all along??

Point is – don’t forget about Priceline. That website still has some magic left in it.

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  1. I love priceline. My husband and I actually figured out this formula and now we even know which hotels we are bidding on. When we went to Brussels, we stayed in the fanciest hotel in the city for $50/night!!!

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