Two years ago when I went to Florida with my mother, Bill and I took a picture of the kids in front of Cracker Barrel. We ended up hanging it up in our bedroom and it’s something I look at and cherish on a daily basis. Today, we took the same picture and I am so happy we did. I can’t wait to print it and put them side by side. Maybe I should make it a “thing”. Every time we are somewhere that has a Cracker Barrel – we make a memory. LOL!

So – we are on our family vacation this week. Forgive me for not updating as frequently as I normally do – but it won’t be for long.

Here are some photos from our first day in Virginia. We visited Colonial Williamsburg for the afternoon and really had a great time.

My husband is a child. But let’s ignore the fact that I can’t get one good picture with him. LOL! If you notice – we are basically eating bread in every single picture! Holy Smokes – I couldn’t get enough of their pretzel bread. OH SO GOOD!

I went to Colonial Williamsburg as a child and have fond memories of it. When Bill and I were deciding on a vacation, I thought Virginia would be an easy trip. In less than an hour we landed and were collecting our bags. You can’t BEAT THAT!

It was about 90 degrees and everyone was in costume. We couldn’t help but ask them how hot they were. I’m sure it didn’t help! hahahahah – We were like “HI! How are you? Hey – is that made out of linen? MY GOODNESS you must be sweating”. Even the kids were asking about the long sleeves and high socks.

As you walked around there were a ton of photo opps. It’s so cool that Natalie is old enough to actually take photos. That means Bill and I can be in some pictures together. LOVE IT!

There were a TON of opportunities to go into the houses and see how people lived during Colonial Times. The kids enjoyed seeing some of the demonstrations.

Then we headed to the shops section for dinner. There was a nice variety, but something side tracked us… Natalie lost her shoe! We were about to go into a restaurant and she MENTIONED that she didn’t have her shoes.  Bill back tracked for a good half hour – and nothing. We ended up having to buy her a pair of shoes and had to beg a shop to open up because everything was closed. They WERE SO NICE and let us in.  For $13 – I think they are the nicest sandals Natalie owns so it was a blessing in disguise.

Tomorrow we have a few more things lined up.

Are you looking to travel anytime soon? Virginia looks like it’s going to be an easy and fun ride! To learn more about Colonial Williamsburg, click here.

All proceeds from admission tickets, dining, shopping, lodging, spa, golf, etc. at any official Colonial Williamsburg establishment benefit the non-profit Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Kinda made me NOT feel guilty about buying a hat that Liam wants  no part of!!

Thank goodness Bill is into it.

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