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Are We Really Talking About Halloween Already?

I will never get over how quickly we move through seasons. I went to Target the other day trying to get something for the beach and the worker looked at me like I had 6 heads. I mean – it’s mid-August after all!! Who needs beachwear?

But – like most consumers – I am a sucker for a holiday. I bought this little ghost cookie cutter and I am ready for action. Today, while waiting on line at the supermarket, I picked up a Halloween craft magazine. Darn those impulse purchases! Darn them!

Are you gearing up for Halloween? It’s my absolute FAVORITE holiday.

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  1. I LOVVVVEEE Halloween! I swear to you that I got into a funk – and still haven’t recovered from it – when my mom mandated that middle school was the last year I was allowed to trick or treat. I used to LOVE getting dressed up – and growing up outside of Chicago, there was always a spooky chill in the air that time of year.

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