Have you ever wanted a less invasive but accurate way to take your baby’s temperature? Especially if the baby is under the weather and finally having a nap, the last thing you want to do is use a traditional thermometer and risk waking the poor thing! Medisim has launched a new type of thermometer that just requires you to place it on the baby’s temple for accurate temperate reading.

There are a few points on the body that are considered reliable for accurate temperature reading. They are under the tongue, under the arm, in the rectum and on the temple. Of these, the rectal method is the least reliable and most invasive. Under the tongue is reliable and least invasive. The Temple Touch Thermometer has been clinically validated, meaning that it has been proven to be just as accurate as the traditional thermometer.

Besides being less invasive, the Temple Touch Thermometer is so much quicker to use. If you’ve ever tried taking the temperature of a squirming child, you’ll value this. This thermometer only requires you to hold it against the temple for 6 seconds!

To find out where you can get a Temple Touch Thermometer or to learn more about the technology used, go to www.templetouchthermometer.com.

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