Our friends are members of a local country club. Each year they throw a really great party for Labor Day and we decided to take the kids to the festivities as their guests. It was so much fun!

They even had these huge trampolines that they kids fell in love with. It was a bit hard for them to flip over, but the big kids were all over that. I was THIS close to getting on it… but decided against it. 🙂

They even had a mini Ferris Wheel. It was so tiny – 4 cars in total. Just perfect for the little ones.

After a sno-cone, Liam caught up with his best bud. They had the time of their lives running back and forth between the rides. Bill and I could barely keep up.

Then the fireworks! They ran for about 10 minutes and were professional grade. We all sat on the 18th hole. I just couldn’t believe how great the show was.

What did you do to celebrate Labor Day (if you are in a country that celebrates)?

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