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Yes – I Am That Mom

Prior to having a school aged child I would look at products like the ‘Mom’s Family Calendar’ and laugh. I mean- WHO needs to buy things like this? REALLY!

Well – as of yesterday that person would be ME.

While at Costco doing some shopping ($465 worth – HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?) I stumbled upon this calendar and planner combo and just HAD TO HAVE IT.

When I got home I ripped down my current calendar and went to town. Oy vey – I’ve become that mom. That’s OK. I’ve accepted it. Really I have. It’s just another milestone I suppose (and the calendar is really cool too). πŸ™‚

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  1. I love Sandra Boynton…we had all her baby board books.

    I actually really NEED to get myself a mom/school organizing calendar. My mom got me one last year and I loved it. Loved all the special stickers for certain days. Yes I am a NERD! πŸ˜‰

  2. Glad I’m not alone!!! LLOLLL

  3. What does it look like on the inside?

  4. oh my….I need to get that!!! Other than costco, where can I get it???

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