This is a funky time of the year. You can’t wear winter clothing yet and the summer warmth has silently faded away. Here’s three looks that will put you somewhere in the middle. A cropped jean jacket will make your summer dresses last for a few more weeks.

Some of the pieces are pricey – I recognize that. It’s not about buying the EXACT outfit as it is getting inspiration from the combinations. 🙂


Floral by Soffia* featuring a sequin bikini

Sequin Floral Print Maxi
50 GBP –
Sequin bikini »

Crafted Cropped Denim Jacket
35 GBP –
Denim jacket »

$60 –
Leather sandals »

Nude Contrast Charm Bag
20 GBP –
Miss Selfridge handbags »

Flower enamel bangle pack
12 GBP –
Enamel bangle »

Brown Pretty Crochet Bangles
16 GBP –
Brown jewelry »

Gold Owl Print Stud
3.50 GBP –
Gold earrings »

Vintage Heart Locket
39 GBP –
Heart necklace »

Bruna VStorm Models
40 EUR –

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