Dry spots, rough patches, bug bites, itchy skin? My daughter and I both have excema that shows up right around July or August each year after we’ve spent countless hours at the pool and the beach. She always gets it in the winter months as well when it gets cold and windy. Well….as cold and windy as it gets here in San Diego! We’re spoiled…we know that! I’ve searched high and low for something that works on our skin and found the Healing Stick, available exclusively at Sephora and www.sephora.com. It not only clears up our dry patches, but it works amazingly well on bug bites too! With 1% hydrocortisone, inflammation and itchiness disappear almost instantly.

The healing stick is a thick, anhydrous stick unlike some cream-based hydrocortisone products so it stays put and doesn’t run to areas where the skin doesn’t need it. It’s a small stick that is super portable and easy to keep in my purse, beach bag or the diaper bag.

Available at Sephora stores and also at www.sephora.com

*company sent sample for review

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