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Ripping My Kitchen Apart

I spent a good 4 hours going through my entire kitchen last night and throwing away food that was from 2007, recycling 70% of the Tupperware I own from when I order in take out, and consolidating like items into storage bins. I mean – how much tea can one personal own? I did a rough count and I am currently stacking about 565 tea bags. Why on EARTH would I have so much at one time? Because apparently I”m addicted to buying tea and do so during every shopping trip.

In the end, I dumped at good 6 full garbage bags worth of nonsense. I”m not even done. I stopped mid-way and begged my husband to leave everything as is so I can address it all over today.

Unfortunately, my little man woke up with a 102 fever out of NO WHERE. He was FINE yesterday. We took him all over the place and there wasn’t a sign of illness. All night he woke up every few hours hysterically crying. We knew something was wrong. Around 6 I took his temperature as he was burning up.

Which means he will miss his first day of school… and odds are his second day of school. That STINKS. But I’m not taking chances with sending him in. I HATE parents who send in their kids when they are really sick.

I had a few things planned this week and I’m just going to have to cancel them all. My little boy comes first. Which means I have to return those FAB boots because I won’t be able to do what they wanted me to do with them. UGH!!!

That’s ok – there’s always next time.

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  1. So sorry the little guy is feeling good. It is so wrong that I am so sad that i’m almost depressed that the boots have to go back? They’re to die for! 🙂

  2. I hope Liam feels better fast. That’s so crummy to miss the first day of school. 🙁 Poor guy.

    I, too, will be mourning the loss of the boots. Sigh.

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