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Hanging With The Dogs And Changing My Sleep Patterns

When my kids go to sleep my dogs PASS OUT ON ME. They must be on edge the entire day waiting for a toy to be flung across the room or for Natalie to start screaming at the top of her lungs. As soon as it’s lights out they grab their spots and start snoring.

Last year we had to pull a few of Jill’s teeth out and now whenever she sleeps or relaxes her tongue sticks out like this. It’s pretty flipping adorable. She was sleeping but heard my camera and woke up to see what was going on. LOL

I’ve decided that I need to get to sleep a lot earlier than usual. On a regular day I head to bed around 11. I’m thinking it has to be more like 9:30. Am I too young to be sleeping at 9:30? I just CANNOT get up with these darker, colder mornings.  In the summer I pop out of bed no problem. But now I’m basically dragging myself out from under the covers. It’s just so warm and cozy….

When do  you get to bed? And when do you wake up?

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  1. I am the most random sleeper in the world. Pat of it is due to the fact that I do a lot of night shifts and the other part is that I am a night person so I kinda get really active at night and keep delaying going to bed.
    Generally I would go to bed around midnight or one and wake up at seven thirty on school days but get a lie in till eight or nine on weekends. If I am working a day shift then I am up by six and in bed by ten at the most. What did I tell you, RANDOM!
    What works with me is to have a night or two every fortnight when I would go to bed as early as I could, nine pm sometimes and just stay in bed the next day for as long as I could and I find that doing so helps me catch up on all that lost sleep. Hope this helps!

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