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Let’s Talk Gift Cards

We get a lot of gift cards… and I mean a lot! Sometimes you just end up not using them and I can’t STAND losing money each month because there’s a balance. I hate that new rule. I had $100 gift card to 1-800 Flowers and ended up losing almost $25 bucks because of how long I waited to use it.

Shouldn’t it be treated as cash? Why the balance decrease?

Anyway – I went through all our paperwork and mail and piles in the kitchen and found a good 30 gift cards. No I’m not kidding. I’ve been shopping like a crazy person this week trying to get rid of them all. I mean – The Container Store, Marshalls, JCPenneys, Barnes and Nobels, Children’s Place, Gap Kids, iTunes – you name it. I have it.

The problem is I am doing it online which means I am paying for shipping which means I am losing out on the money. I used to love gift cards (or at least the concept of a gift card) but now I’m not so sure.

Do you prefer to get gift cards? An actual gift? Or cash? I think cash is so impersonal… but maybe I need to get over that!! LOL!

By the way – the flowers above came from 1800 Flowers. They bloom into a beautiful hot pink. I thought Natalie would get a kick out of that. 😉

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